What is CUT&USE?

We offer you a cutting device with a control panel and application materials.

Thanks to it, you can cut protection for any model available in the outline database from a material in a universal size.

You offer your client various protective options: materials for the screen and the entire housing along with the application service.

Reports and analytics in a special management system.

Stay ahead of the competition

offering products for the latest devices

Show yourself as a specialist

which customers trust and return to

Earn more

offering comprehensive protection with assembly

Extend the offer

without increasing inventory

Look how SIMPLE it is

  • join the fastest growing industry of accessories for mobile devices
  • without commercial or storage risk or the need to incur significant investment costs
  • do not send customers away empty-handed

Protection not only for phones

  • phones, tablets, navigations, cameras, watches, and others
  • 5,000+ device models available immediately
  • including the latest devices and older ones
  • we add new ones every day

Not only on the screen

  • in addition to the screen foil, also back
  • full protection of the entire device, not just the screen
  • you choose the protection variant for the screen and the rest of the device yourself

Foils with unique properties

You will be able to offer your clients not only protection, but protection combined with added value.

  • !MPACT SHIELD – The most perfect foil that perfectly protects your phone by strengthening the screen up to 6 times
  • ANTICRASH ANTISPY – Privacy foil will protect you from prying eyes
  • ANTICRASH ANTIBLUE – A foil that protects the screen and the user’s eyes at the same time!
  • MYSKIN – Foil for personalizing the back of the phone, choose your graphic or photo!
  • FASHIONSKIN – Leather? Carbon? Camo camouflage? or maybe a different color? choose for yourself!
  • ANTICRASH ECO SHIELD – The first foil that is 100% recycled

Stress-free installation

  • quick dry installation
    using proprietary EasyApp KIT and PLUG systems
  • precise
    wet installation
  • video instructions
    available directly in the CUT&USE application and on Youtube

Cutting devices

Our plotters are manufactured by world leaders in the industry according to our guidelines and design.

  • Multi-stage quality control at the input and output of the equipment
  • Extensive experience of the manufacturer = reliability
  • These types of plotters are produced only for us = unique
  • Continuous development of applications and devices = new features
  • We are the only company that offers equipment service and spare parts

Two-module software

The system consists of two applications: control software and management software.