As a manufacturer with many years of experience, we know how important it is to have our own proprietary solutions that bring additional value to the customer.

Together with the CUT&USE system, you get two-component software:

  • software controlling the operation of the plotter and the cutting process
  • management software in the form of a special website

Control software

The application was designed and made by the LAMEL team, which gives you a guarantee that it will be constantly developed, updated and refined.

  • intuitive and easy to use
  • available on the Android platform
  • multilingual

We also included directly in the app:

  • problem reporting module
  • the “contours on demand” module, where you can report the need to
  • create a new contour for you
  • system of notifications about news in the system and offer

Management software

A special web application allows you to supervise your plotters and your clients and their plotters. This gives you a full picture of what is happening with your devices, what is cut, what devices are the most popular and many other information useful in running a business.

  • statistics of the most popular device models
  • statistics of the most popular strokes
  • statistics of the most popular materials
  • statistics of successful and unsuccessful cuts – this allows you to
  • implement additional training for employees on operation